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so i should update or something.

disney channel is absurd and cancelled Hocus Pocus so they could play Under Wraps and it seriously made my day not as fun. i didn't have anything to look forward to, at all.

friday. got out of school early and went to agua java with jacqueline, madeline, rogelio, and jessica. had coffee for the first meal of the day, and it was nice and cold. just like the weather. i feel really stupid because i'm not in premont and the rest of the theatre company is. my fault, whatev.

a new hair colour is needed. or something drastic. something to change the routine up a bit.

i need to charge my camera[s].
speaking of which!

i've decided to buy a manual camera, and i honestly have no idea what to look for [i've only owned digitals]. opinions and suggestions, please.

okay. here's the thing. college is coming up, and well, no one offers my major besides del mar college, the community college where i live. i really don't want to go there, just for the simple fact that i want to be in austin or houston. American Sign Language isn't too popular of a career path choice, so it's difficult to find. i thought about majoring in photography, but i'm not good at it [and no, that's not me fishing for compliments. it's the truth]. i mean, sure, it's fun to run around with nice cameras and take amateur pictures, but it's just not something i'm good at. not as good as other people, at least.

i love my dad for the fact that he knows i'm not sticking around in corpus for the rest of my life, and he's cool with that. he knows that when my last summer here ends, i'm not hanging around for kicks. he wishes i'd persue theatre, but that falls into the same category as photography does. i'm not great at it. i'm no mitch bryan, who can make peter pan hilarious. i'm no grace stafford who can write orations about boring topics but make it good. i'm the type of person who uses the same piece for her prose and poetry because i lost my poetry and haven't gotten off my butt to find a new one.

i've talked to andrew for a total of maybe 10 minutes in the past 3 days, and i do not approve.

this entry is becoming too long. stephanie's birthday is monday, and i really want to do something badass for her, because i know she would love it and she deserves it, but i don't have the money to do it. i'm hoping i can make her a really awesome card and surprise her or something because she's my best friend and i love her [that was a run on. look at me. not fixing it].

i miss freshman year when my hair was black and i was a little bit thinner and i still had my favorite pair of pants. i miss one act play from freshman year because it was all girls and hunter. hunter was nicer freshman year. haha man, i thought i was such a badass because i lied and because i would hang out with katie, my older cousin. my birthday is coming up, and i don't want to be 17. i would love to be 16 for a little bit longer. leapyear kids get such the advantage. they get to cheat on birthdays.

i really need to stop typing.

i have a headache, and when i wake up and check my emails tomorrow, all i'll see are viagra ads. i don't have a penis, mr. advertisement. sorry to disappoint.
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i live for days such as these

corpus christi is my favorite place to be right now. it feels so wonderful outside, and i'm in love with it.

jacqui and i danced to "Talk To Me, Dance With Me" today after school in theatre, and it seriously made my day so much more awesome. I miss dance terribly. I also had fun doing assemblé's all over the place as well as those things that i could never do. what are they called jacqui?

the crucible situation was fixed, and i'm totally elizabeth proctor. AND i knew most of my lines today.

lets all go out and sleep outside. it feels so wonderful.

and i'm officially in love with molly pierce. ♥
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ashley o.


my birthday's in a week.


i realized today that i may have screwed myself out of the best role i've had in ... forever?

way to go, ash. nice move. and i'm the only one to blame.
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okay, so i messed up.

hocus pocus isn't on tomorrow. it's cheetah girls. how ANNOYING.

it's on SATURDAY at 2:00.

so for the past two days, i had curly hair. so i decided, "hey, i'm going to shower at night, and then put my hair in litte bitty buns and have MEGA CURLY HAIR for school!"

holy crap it looks like i'm a brunette Annie.

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who else is in love with this movie?

side note: i'm really liking having messy hair.
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car wash today.

the back of my knees are burned really badly from the ASL car wash today. I washed Emily Haddads truck. I think that's the only familiar face i saw.

steph and jess are over tonight, and they're eating ice cream. i'm drinking a kool aide jammer. WHO'S WHO NOW?!?!

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a lot of change is happening, a lot of growing up too fast is taking place. we've been in our bodies for an average of 16 years and 353 days between the two of us, and half of us is jumping ahead about 730 days. i feel like i still need to have my mom write me notes in my lunches that she still packs for me everyday, and you are ready to buy your own PB &J's. Quite honestly, this is a hard thing for me to grasp.

It seems as if i fell asleep for the last two and a half years and just now woke up. Did I miss everything or what?
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